3 Easy Feng Shui Hacks

Feng shui is commonly thought of as a fairly complex procedure that requires quite a bit of hassle and in-depth understanding of the subject, but that’s not necessarily true. Generally revolving around the principle of finding a balance energies in a space, feng shui can be easily adopted, and here’s 3 easy ways to do it!


Get Rid Of Clutter

First thing’s first, get rid of clutter and mess. Putting items away neatly can help increase positive and harmonious energy flow throughout the four corners of any space, whether its the home or office. Clutter and mess breeds negative energy – so that mountain of undone laundry and tower of letters on the table has got to go. Even if it isn’t for the reasons of adopting feng shui into the home, a cluttered and messy home will invite unwanted guests!


Incorporate Air And Light

This is not just refers to fans or florescent light, but also to natural air and light (in the form of sunshine) flowing throughout the house. Natural air and light are great sources of positive energy and by simply opening your home’s windows and doors can boost positive energy while chasing away negative ones.


Embrace Plants

Let’s agree on this, plants are not difficult to grow if some effort is put into it. In feng shui terms, plants can be generally classified into two groups, one that attracts positive energy and purifies the air like the Boston fern, and another that helps attract fortune like the money plant. Regardless of your preference, having live plants in the home is a simple way to attract positive energy and purifies the air!


Simple ideas with minimum effort. If you are looking to further boost the positive energy in your space today, check out these great ideas that also double up as wonderful decorative pieces!