8 Must-Eat Lucky Foods During CNY 

Chinese festivals are not just about visiting relatives and playing catch up, but a bulk of it revolves around tradition, and the biggest festival of them all, Chinese New Year (CNY) is definitely not an exception.

From the decorations, to auspicious greetings, and seasonal feasts, Chinese New Year is the epitome of Chinese custom and tradition for Chinese all over the world. Speaking of seasonal feasts and traditions, food prepared to celebrate this season plays a pivotal role in the celebrations as they each carry a specific auspicious significance for the new year.

So if you’re looking to boost your luck, wealth, prosperity and pave a smooth year ahead, give in to the age-old traditions and make sure you eat these yummy 8 dishes during CNY!



Significance: Wealth

In ancient times, there weren’t notes as currency but ingots – and dumplings resemble them. They are mostly eaten on the eve of CNY because according to old wives tales, the more dumplings you consume equates to the more money will make in the coming year.


Glutinous Rice Cake, “Nian Gao” (年糕)

Significance: Prosperity

As glutinous rice cake sounds like it means “higher year” in the Chinese language, it is believe that those who eat this will achieve new heights and being prosperous in business for the new year.


Fish, “Yu” (鱼)

Significance: Abundance

As with most food items on this list, fish in the Chinese language sounds like “surplus”, which is why many consume fish during CNY as it signifies surplus and abundance.


Spring Roll

Significance: Wealth

A dish that has many variations and named after the season, traditional spring rolls are wrapped to resemble bars of gold and are eaten to bring endless wealth and prosperity in the new year.


Longevity Noodles

Significance: Long life and happiness

Carrying the same significance as birthday noodles, consuming longevity noodles is believed to represent long life, good health and happiness.


Sweet Meat, ”Rou Gan” (肉干)

Significance: Luck and wealth

Loved for its auspicious red color and savory sweet taste, sweet meat signifies luck, wealth and prosperity (and it tastes amazing)!


Mandarin Oranges

Significance: Wealth and good luck

Beloved for their bright golden-orange color, sweetness and round shape, mandarin oranges are eaten during CNY to symbolize success and luck.


Glutinous Rice Balls, ”Tang Yuan” (汤圆)

Significance: Togetherness and harmony with your loved ones

Not just eaten during CNY but also during various festivals throughout the year, due to its Chinese pronunciation, eating glutinous rice balls is said to bring togetherness and harmony.


Know of any other must-eat lucky foods during the CNY? Share them with us by commenting below or, show us a picture of you enjoying your favorite dishes with family and friends.