DIY Projects For The Holidays

Looking to get your creative juices flowing or planning for a hand-on activity with the kids? Here are a few fun and interactive DIY projects to consider this Christmas.

Paper Wreaths

Whoever said that wreaths can only be made of pine? Here’s a DIY project that you can definitely do with the kids or fur-kids! Just take a look at this beautiful and easy-to-make wreath that you can place at your front door or make a smaller variant to decorate your Christmas Tree with. All it takes is perhaps 30 minutes to an hour, along with some craft materials that can be easily sourced from your favorite stationery store. Head on over here to view its step-by-step instructions and tutorial video.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Looking to start a tradition of advent calendars for the little one but don’t really have the time to go shopping and build an elaborate one? Here’s a crafty idea that will take less than 30mins to set up and consists of materials and gifts that can be found almost anywhere! Get it here.

Delicious Cocoa Mason Jars

Did someone ask for a lip-smacking gift that is also cost-saving? Perfect for colleagues, friends or even for yourself, these delicious cocoa mason jars take less than 20 minutes to prepare and costs $7 or less to assemble. Interested? Here’s the full list of instructions, complete with printable tags.

Pro-Tip: Source for uniquely shaped mason jars, decorate them with festive ribbons and perhaps even add on a wooden spoon for a finishing touch. And if you aren’t into the hassle of making these, check out our range of beautiful Xmas Flowers and Gifts!


And if you are looking to handcraft a gift, but aren’t quite sure how to? Head on over here to browse our range of floral workshops and courses that will equip you with the skills to create refreshing and beautiful floral arrangements this merry season! But if workshops and courses aren’t what you are looking for, head on over here to browse other interesting articles.