5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh!

Just like how roses come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day, Christmas trees are synonymous with the season of gift giving and have been so for more than half a millennium. While many have opted for its plastic counterpart, a fresh Christmas tree brings with it an aura of grandeur and unmistakable scent.

When showered with tender loving care, a fresh Christmas tree like the popular Noble Fir can actually last for more than a month – even in our relatively warm and humid climate! So, if you have ever wondered how to care for one, here’s 5 simple ways to do just that.


Start Afresh!

After bringing your tree home, you will notice that resin has formed at the bottom of the trunk. This resin is produced by the tree itself and is a barrier for optimal water absorption, which isn’t quite ideal. To overcome this, just saw off approximately 2.5cm off the bottom tree trunk to open its pores and allow for better water absorption before putting it in its stand.


Gulp, Gulp, Gulp

Did you know that a Christmas tree can drink up to 3.8 liters of water a day? Ensure that there is sufficient water in the stand daily and never the water level go below the base of your tree. Ideally, it should always be immersed in at least 5cm of water.


How fresh are our trees? Farm fresh and nothing less than logistically possible.

Steer Clear From Heat Sources

Pick a cool spot to place your tree, preferably away from any direct heat sources or sunlight – fridge, television, etc. Being placed close to a heat source will dehydrate your tree and cause it to turn brown quickly.

This also includes the sparkling decorative tree lights you adorn your tree with – so remember to turn off the lights when you head to bed! Rule of thumb: The cooler the environment, the happier your tree will be.


Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes love our warm weather and the big bowl of stagnant, water under your Christmas tree, would be an ideal place for them to lay their eggs in. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding, it is advisable to add anti-mosquito granules into the water and wash the stand thoroughly with soap – at least once every week or two.


Feed Your Christmas tree

While some swear that adding aspirin or vodka into the water helps prolong the life of a Christmas tree, we think that the traditional DIY method works best! This concoction consists of 3.8 liters water, 470ml of corn syrup (or 16g of sugar), 20ml bleach and 20ml lemon juice (or vinegar). Mix it all together, and its ready for use.

Just a word of caution, mix the lemon juice with the water before adding in the bleach (when bleach is mixed with lemon juice on its own, it produces a toxic fume). WATCH OUT!

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Apart from just Christmas Trees, we will also be offering fresh pine Christmas Wreaths in the next week or so. Do keep a look out!

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