Our Favorite Christmas Flower Centerpieces

Christmas and flowers are as inseparable as “bubble” and “tea” or “macaroni” and “cheese” – you get our drift. So, if you are looking for some flowers to beautify your table or tables this festive season, here are our favorite picks to inspire your festive decorating!


Rosy Christmas Tree (XMB56), $79.90 (w/GST $85.49)

Why we love this: Is it a Christmas Tree or is it not? Who can really tell and why fuss over that when it adds an instant atmosphere to the celebrations? A great gift for a family or friend, and for the busy ones who want a Christmas Tree but not have the space or responsibility of caring for it past the holiday season.

Why we love this: A lovely table arrangement that softly emits the sweet scent of Christmas? Yes please! To top it all off, this would also make for a grand centrepiece when hosting gatherings at the office or home during this festive season.


Candy Cane Blooms (XMB57), $79.90 (w/GST $85.49)

Why we love this: Red, green and gold! Premium two-toned roses, festive pinecones and candy canes, all the elements of Christmas are rolled into this one single flower arrangement that will sit pretty on any table.


Christmas Log Cake Bundle (XMB42), $119.90 (w/GST $128.29)

Why we love this: Have your cake and eat it too! Presented on a wooden tray that is decorated with festively themed flowers and ornaments, this delectable Christmas Log Cake Bundle from Bakerzin is sure to impress even the pickiest of family and friends.


Nothing quite fits your fancy on the list? Head on over here for more Christmas Party floral centrepieces. With our reliable same day island-wide delivery service, all you have to do is place an order online and we will handle the rest!

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