Secret Santa Tips For The Office

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas! The season of joy and merriment with loved ones is just around the corner, but so is the season for gifting. While it might come naturally for some, participating in the annual secret Santa in the office can sometimes be a bane. Do I gift them a basket of snacks? What exactly is considered a good gift for a the Secret Santa exchange?

So if you are looking for some gifting ideas, here are some tips to help you pick and choose a great secret Santa gift!


Tip 1: Find out more about your recipient.

A simple way is to drop an email to a colleague who you know is close to your recipient, or “bump” into them at the pantry and initiate small talk. Who knows? You might end up making a new office buddy or lifelong friend. After all, a gift shouldn’t come off as something that was picked out 30 minutes prior to the exchange without any effort or thought. And if you have left it to the very day itself to pick out a present, with our same day delivery options you could consider our Moet and Chandon rose hand bouquet!


Tip 2: Find a general but thoughtful gift.

If you have accomplished tip 1 and found out what your recipient likes, this should be a walk in the park. However, if you have not and are pressed for time, general items like gift vouchers, festive plant arrangements, annual planners, their favorite wine, etc. are examples of general but thoughtful gifts.

While you want the gift to shine and delight your recipient, you don’t want to send any wrong signals. Rule of thumb is to stay clear of any religious items, and gifts that you might give your significant other.


Tip 3: Keep the gift within the given budget.

Its always best to keep within the given budget, with a healthy range of $5, for an example if the budget is $30, your present should cost between $25 to $30. Reason is simple – no one likes an office scrooge or a show-off. Even if it is a colleague that you want to show your gratitude or appreciation to, a separate gift would be more appropriate than bursting the budget on secret Santa.


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