5 Reasons Why Plants Are The New Pets

Give us the side eye if you must, but at least hear us out before you pass judgement! We absolutely love the idea of having a pet and are animal lovers ourselves, but when you have first-world problems like 10-hour work days and social gatherings to attend, it might not be ideal to have Fido or Meow at home. Besides, there is just something about plants (both backed by science as well as the need for aesthetics) that make a home more than just a house.

So, here’s 5 good reasons why we think plants are fast becoming the new pets.


Improved Air Quality

To start off, plants are mother nature’s air purifiers. Through photosynthesis and other methods, they cleanse the air around us by getting rid of formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. There are more than 10 indoor plants that include the Peace Lily, Boston Fern and Sanseveria (Snake Plant) which does that. No “on” or “off” switches or electricity needed, just water, sunlight and fertilizer.


Many Plants ≠ More Attention

Question, “if you have 10 plants does it mean that you have to water it at 10 different times a day?” The answer is obviously, no. Firstly, it depends on the plant that you are keeping. Take succulents for an example, they only need watering once every 7 to 10 days or so. Secondly, if plants with similar needs are housed in the same pot, you actually really only need to water it once a day or as needed. Thirdly, no pet sitting services or worrying needed if you decide to go on a holiday. An inexpensive self-watering gardening pot is a good way to solve this, or you could always get some help with the watering when you are away.


Life-Long* Decorative Pieces

Got a friend coming over? Parents paying you a visit? Place your best a potted plant or favorite succulent in a fancy pot (with some festive decorations on its sides) and place it at a visible place – dining table or living room table. Viola! Instantly impress guests and give off the whole, “I have everything under control” vibes, now that is #smartadulting if you ask us.

*Of course, we did think about the some of you who aren’t able to keep plants from going to their grave. But don’t worry, help is here! Here’s our no-fuss tips on how to care for your cut flowers or succulents.


Green For The Eyes and Soul

Apart from just ingesting green vegetables for healthy eyes and good sight, the color green is believed to be restful for our eyes, and by that definition our minds. Yes, Fido might be able to lick and snuggle up to you after a hard day of work. But can Fido ease the stress that you place on your eyes and mind on a daily basis? We think not.

Plant Bedroom
Credit: Almost Makes Perfect

They Make A Home

Just like how a frame is nothing without a photograph and macaroni is always better with cheese, a house is a home when there are plants. White walls, tiles and furniture, while they are needed, they do not exactly inject warmth or life into any space – but plants do! Whether it is a simple pot of succulents, zamioculcas or fittonia forest flame, you can’t deny their ability to bring a pop of color and breathe life into a space.


To conclude, a wise somebody once told us “Plants are just better, they flourish when you nourish,” and to that we say, “PREACH!”

Have we managed to sway your option about plants just yet? Discover other flower and plant related articles here. But if you are feeling inspired to put your green thumbs to work, take a look at the range of plants we have here!


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