Flower Focus: Calla Lily

Tubular, trumpet-like, and an eye-catcher, meet the elegant Calla Lily! They are commonly spotted adorning the pews at church or hand bouquet at weddings, the table arrangement at corporate events or within a birthday hand bouquet.

Bubbly Yellow Calla Lilies

These South African natives love the warmth and can be found in season during Spring to Summer. However, with its ever-growing demand, Calla Lilies are now not only available throughout the year but also in a wide range of vibrant colors – including dual-toned ones! And if you are wondering they symbolize, Calla Lilies generally symbolize beauty and rebirth, but their specific meanings are closely tied to their colors.

Color of Calla Lily

Specific Meaning


Innocence and purity


Beauty and Courage


Appreciation and admiration


Charm and Passion




Elegance, Mystery and royalty

Speaking of which, here is a little trivia for you. Although they are named Calla Lilies, they are not part of the Lily family, in fact they are from the Araceae family and belong to the genus Zantedeschia.

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