Flower Focus: Iris

Don’t they look unique? Known as the Iris flower, these beauties are named after the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the Olympian gods. Till this day in Greece, Iris flowers are grown at the graves of women who have passed on, as a plead to the goddess Iris to help guide their souls safely to heaven.

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Aptly associated with the goddess of the rainbow, the Iris flower is available in a wide range of colors and in more than 200 different varieties. Once native and available to only those living in Europe and Asia, Irises are now grown and easily available all over the world.

At first glance, the Iris flower can be easily confused with certain Orchid varieties. However, go if you were to go a little closer, you will notice that Irises have thinner and more delicate petals. To tell if the flower is indeed an Iris, look out for their 3 distinct falls (large outer petals), 3 standards (small inner petals that stand upright) and style arms (inner most petals). While Irises generally symbolize wisdom, honor and valor, the specific meanings they carry are closely tied to the color of their petals.

Color of Iris

Specific Meaning


Faith and hope


Royalty and wisdom





Did you know? The Iris flower inspired the decorative motif of the French Monarchy (fleur-de-lis). You can find this motif embellished on the French royal coat of arms, coins, shields, churches, etc. Apart of being a part of royalty, these exquisite blooms are also the birth flower for those born in February and the official 25th wedding anniversary flower!

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