Flower Focus: Ranunculus

Known by many other names like turban flower, buttercup or Coyote eyes, Ranunculus are plump seasonal beauties that are sometimes mistaken for a miniature Peony or Garden Rose (David Austin Rose). However, if you go a little closer, you will see that a Ranunculus’s petals are not as frilly or delicate. In fact, you will notice that their almost-transparent petals are perfectly curved with one hiding another – almost like a dainty baby cabbage!


So, where does the Ranunculus get its unique name from? When translated, it means “little frog” in Latin. It got its name because in the wild, Ranunculus flowers grows near streams and are in abundance during Spring, just like little frogs.

Due to the heat and humidity in Singapore, it is rare to find anyone growing Ranunculus in their home. Being seasonal flowers, they are mostly only available from February to May and are native to the Middle East and the United States of America.

One unique thing about the Ranunculus would be that the meaning it carries is not dependent on its color. Ranunculus symbolize radiant charm and conveys the message of “You are attractive” to your lucky recipient.

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