What Do The Number Of Roses Mean?

Roses are a special breed of flowers. Plush, delicate and ever so beautiful bulbs that come in a wide range of colors and breeds. Perhaps it is also because of their beauty and thorns that they have been, for centuries the classic symbol of love – think Romeo and Juliet or even Beauty and the Beast!

Whether its 1, 21 or 99 rose stalks, the number of Roses gifted symbolize and convey very different messages. So if you are wondering just how many stalks of Roses to gift your sweetheart on your next romantic occasion, here’s the ultimate guide!

1 “My one and only”
2 Love is mutual, shared
3 One stalk for each of the three magical words, “I Love You”
5 “I Love You Very Much”
6 To express infatuation and emotions of missing or longing
9 Eternal love, a promise to be together for eternity
10 “You’re perfect”, perfect love
12 “Be Mine!”
13 Symbolizes long-lasting friendship or “you have a secret admirer”
15 To ask for forgiveness, “I am sorry”
20 Emotions are sincere and true
21 Committed and dedicated to the relationship
24 One stalk to represent each hour of the day, constantly on your mind and in your heart.
25 Congratulations!
36 Express deep love, “I am head over heels in love with you”
40 “My love is genuine”
50 Unconditional love
77 “You are my soulmate”
88 Seeking understanding and forgiveness, “I am truly very sorry”
99+ Always and forever, “I will love you till the day I die”

There you have it, the ultimate guide when picking out your next Rose bouquet! And if you don’t want a Roses-only bouquet, you could always jazz it up with other beautiful blooms like Lilies, Hydrangeas or Sunflowers. Just speak to our friendly florists, they will be glad to help!

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