6 Types of Mooncake Lovers & Eaters

Delicious and creamy, but also slightly sinful, mooncakes are a must-have during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Celebrated on 13 September this year, there’s nothing quite like a festival that calls for good food, company of the ones you call dear and a tasty dessert. In this case, mooncake.

Over the years, we have realized that many of us fall into a few categories when it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake eating habits. We’ve narrowed the list down to 6 different character types that you are sure to meet during the festival. Let’s see if you agree with us!

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The Connoisseur

“The lotus paste is too sweet”, “yolk is too crumbly” or “skin is lacking in flavor and bite”, are just some of the phrases you might hear The Connoisseur say. Catch them in action tasting random-but-actually-strategically-chosen mooncakes at the annual mooncake festival at Takashimaya’s basement. That being said, having a Connoisseur in the family or as a friend is great because, that means you will never have to waste calories on sub-par mooncakes, ever! Only the best, or none at all.


The Daredevil

Salted egg, bak kwah, bird’s nest, floral-infused, bubble tea and other exotically flavored mooncakes? The Daredevil would have tasted, verified and perhaps like 99% of them by the time Mid-Autumn Festival nears!


The Traditionalist

A delicate palate that only accepts single or double yolk, baked or snowskin type mooncakes ONLY. Essentially the mooncake flavors that The Daredevil would not choose to pick for their 1st or 2nd choice.


The Health-Nut

Is the mooncake made using organic whole-grains, chia seeds or nuts? The Health-Nut makes conscious food choices and spends their calories wisely; a habit which might baffle some. However, this is not to say that they do not enjoy a good slice of mooncake once in a while, but they just do so when they know the calories are worth it – and perhaps hit the gym twice as hard later on.

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The Laid-Back

Anything goes! As long as it is edible and doesn’t taste like plastic, The Laid-Back is usually game to try any mooncake and perhaps even help finish the mooncake for you. They are usually also the best person to share a bag of chips with!


The Collector (Hoarder)

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite The Collector (Hoarder). The family member or friend who goes around buying mooncakes just for their elaborately decorated containers? Yes, THAT person. As companies are putting in more effort and attention into their packaging in the last couple of years, more people have also started collecting them! Whether it is from 2015 or 2017, and even the latest 2019 Marriott Hotel mooncake box, if it comes in an elaborately decorated box, they will have it – stored somewhere in the abyss of their storeroom.


So, which sort of mooncake lover or eater are you? And do you know anyone would fits into this list?

All this talk about mooncakes making you peckish for delicious mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival? Well then, shop our range of mooncake hampers! Else, head back to our blog to discover more interesting flower and plant related articles.

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