All You Need To Know: Nurses Day 2019

Nurses Day

Courageous, steadfast and the backbone of the medical sector, Nurses constantly go above and beyond their call of duty to provide medical care to their patients. To show appreciation to these dedicated heroes and heroines who give their all to their profession, International Nurses Day is observed annually on 12 May. This date was chosen because it pays homage to the founder and perhaps one of the most important figures of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale (the founder of modern-day Nursing).

However, in Singapore, we celebrate Nurses Day annually on 1 August instead. Why? Well, 1 August 1885 marks the beginning and development of Nursing in Singapore. On this day, medical and educational institutions line up graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, charity events and other fun-filled activities with the Nurses in mind.

Nurses Day 2
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To further show appreciation towards these caregivers that quite literally Nurse many of us back into health, in 2000, President S R Nathan inaugurated the President’s Award for Nurses. This annual award is presented to outstanding Nurses who have made significant contributions not just to the profession, but also society at large.

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