Flower Focus: Freesia

There is no mistaking this one! With its sturdy and smooth stems that lead to a bundle of 7 or more dainty flowers, Freesias are perhaps one of the easiest flowers to identify. But if you can’t quite identify them visually, go a little closer. Freesias have a distinct sweet citrus scent, one that is highly sought-after by perfume houses around the world and also one of the reasons why they are commonly used to create unique hand bouquets and table arrangements.

Freesia 2
Can you tell where are the Freesias in this hand bouquet?

These ballerina-like blooms were created in the 1800s by the botanist Christian P. Ecklon to celebrate his friendship with physician Friedrich H.T. Freese. Native to South Africa, Freesias thrive best in humid climates and belong to the same family as Irises! With over 14 different varieties and hundreds of color variations, the red and pink Freesia gives off the strongest scent. Generally, Freesias symbolize friendship, trust and thoughtfulness, and its specific meanings are closely tied to their color.

Color of Freesia

Specific Meaning


Innocence and purity




Motherly Love


Joy and Friendship

During the Victorian times, gifting someone a Freesia conveys the message of trust to the receiver. Perhaps this also why, it is the official flower to celebrate one’s 7th Wedding Anniversary.

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