Flower Focus: Garden Roses

A Rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but they surely do not look the same! With over 150 different varieties of roses, and thousands of different hybrids, Roses are perhaps one of only flowers to have such a large family. This week, we shine our floral spotlight on the lush and large variety known as Garden Roses.

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These vintage-looking Garden Roses are said to have varieties that date back to the 12th century and beyond. At one glance, you can tell the difference between Garden Roses from Standard Roses. The difference between the two are so obvious that Garden Roses are more often mistaken for Peonies, Ranunculus or the Camellia, than thought of as being part of the Rose family.

You might be wondering, are Garden Roses also known as David Austin Roses? Well, they are similar, but not one and the same. David Austin is actually the name of a famous rose breeder from England. He is known for cultivating over a hundred new hybrids since hehe started cultivating Roses as a hobby in the early 1950s. To date, David Austin Roses have won 25 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals, and it is so easy to see why they have won. Just look at how insanely lush and gorgeous his Roses are!

David Austin Roses | FarEastFlora.com
David Austin Roses

So how or why does the Garden Rose come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors? Well, it is all thanks to science and the ever-growing demand for plush-looking flower varieties. Most of the Garden Roses we see today are genetically modified hybrids, and specially created to achieve a particular look and fragrance. Similar to the Standard Roses, Garden Roses generally convey messages of love, romance, beauty and courage from sender to recipient. However, its specific meanings depend heavily on the color of their petals.

Color of Rose

Specific Meaning


Love and passion


Gratitude, grace, admiration and joy


Enchantment and love at first sight


Effervescence, vitality and devotion




Enthusiasm and passion


Innocence, purity and charm



As beautiful as they are, Garden Roses do not come cheap as they are usually imported from further countries like Japan or Europe. Be prepared to shell out at least 5 to 10 times more for a single stalk and not to mention, a special order needs to be made for them. That being said, you only a couple of them to fill an arrangement since they are so large and noticeable.

Looking for Garden Roses to celebrate a special occasion in Singapore? As these beauties need to be specially ordered, drop us an email at Sales@FarEastFlora.Com or call us 6251 2323 to get your hands on them. But if Garden Roses are not what you are looking for today, head back to our main blog page and explore the world of flowers and plants here!

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