Flower Focus: Gerbera

As the fifth most popular flower in the world, Gerberas are instant mood lifters and they just so happen to be our favorite (hence, our logo)! Part of the Daisy family, Gerberas are slightly larger vibrant blooms which are available all year round and in a large variety of colors that include neons and rainbow.

Emanating cheerful and happy vibes with its long petals and bright colors, it is a no wonder that the Victorian meaning of a Gerbera is happiness. Perfectly suited for all occasions and yet charming, they are great in bouquets, table arrangements or simply gathered in a vase to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or housewarmings. We mean, just look at how beautiful and versatile they can be!

Gerberas generally symbolize wishes of cheer and happy emotions, but just like Roses and Carnations, different colors mean slightly different things.

Color of Gerbera

Specific Meaning


Love, unconsciously or fully in love


Admiration and get well soon


Elegance and pride


Cheerful and happiness


Sunshine of one’s life and kindness


Innocence and child-like

So do you see why we chose a two-toned Gerbera as our logo and have “Make Someone Smile Today” as our tagline? 🙂

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