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Roses Color Meanings

Valentine’s day, according to Wikipedia is the official day for celebrating romantic love in many parts of the world. As a token of love for their loved ones, many types of gifts are exchanged during this special day, including flowers, chocolates, plushies, and gift sets.

Giving flowers is a great way to articulate your love for your partner. It is better than reciting a thousand-word poem. There are numerous varieties of flowers, but the most popular are roses. Roses vary in color as well as the messages they portray. It is crucial to know the difference between various roses colors before you make your purchase decision. It will help articulate your message to the recipient of the flower bouquet.

Below are the colors of the different roses you can gift for Valentine’s day and the corresponding meaning.  

Roses, Their Colors And The Meaning

Red Roses

Red is unquestionably the color of affection as perceived by most people. Red roses articulate a deep symbolic meaning of deep love. Other meanings of red roses include respect and appreciation. Red roses are the most common types of roses used on Valentine’s Day since they match the day’s theme color. Red roses are ideal for the one you love to show your appreciation and love for them on this special day.  

White Roses

White roses are also commonly used on Valentine’s day. They express purity, innocence, and humility. That is why they are mostly utilized at weddings and special occasions. It symbolizes things revolving around the truth as well as loyalty. Therefore, when you want to tell your lover that you are truthful and worthy of their love, the best choice is giving them white roses. Other than expressing purity and innocence, they also have an aspect of spirituality. In a way, white roses express the deeper feelings of the soul. You’ll see a lot of our flower bouquets pairing different colors with white roses to bring out the essence of the entire arrangement. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses portray enthusiasm. Yellow roses articulate platonic emotions. Yellow roses carry with them a certain therapeutic feeling, which represents the emotions of caring sincerely for your recipient. Generally, yellow roses articulate feelings of friendship and genuine love as well as concern. Yellow roses are perfect as a gift for your colleague, friend, an associate of your BFF.

Pink Roses

This hue of roses articulates decorum. Whenever you intend to express dignity to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then the ideal flower to give them is pink roses. There are various shades of pink roses, such as a deeper hue as well as a white, pale hue. A white, pale tone of pink on roses implies grace and refinement as well as a feeling of bliss. You can also articulate your feelings of admiration for your lover through white, pale roses. A deep pink shade implies deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Therefore, if you intend to portray a sense of admiration, appreciation, sweetness, or any sense connected with happiness and satisfaction, pink roses are the ideal roses to use.

Orange Roses

Orange has a certain warmness and vibrancy in it. If what you want to articulate regards passion, the ideal color of rose to use is orange. Orange roses imply desire, enthusiasm, attraction as well as admiration. There is also a deeper meaning of eagerness and passion in these flowers. Orange has a lot of similarities to red. Orange roses can also symbolize romance. With a partner whom you have deep fascination as well as a passion for, the ideal color of rose to use is orange roses.

Lavender Roses

There is a particular mystical theme that is related to purple. Lavender resembles purple. Thus, it inherits most of the properties of the color purple. If you intend to articulate enchantment to your partner, then the ideal hue of roses to use is lavender. Lavender also implies love at first sight. You can also gift this as a surprise to a person you admire! If you want to articulate nobility, a darker hue of lavender roses will do the trick.

Blue Roses

If you intend to articulate a message to your crush who has agreed to go on a valentine’s date with you, then a blue rose is quite ideal in this case. Blue roses are sometimes referred to as phoenix feathers. That may be a hyperbole, but to say it is easy to find a blue rose would be an understatement. The difficulty in finding a blue rose can be equivalent to gifting it to someone that is not attainable. While there are no naturally blue roses, some would equivalent a dark hue of purple roses as blue. Some roses are tinted in blue to achieve the color of choice.

Green Roses

Green is a color associated with peace, harmony, fertility, and magnificence. If you intend to imply that you wish you and your partner a love life full of tranquillity, much love, richness, and opulence, green roses may be a perfect choice.

Black Roses

If your love for someone has come to an end or you intend to terminate your relationship, a black rose would come in handy to articulate your feelings for you. Black is commonly associated with death or bidding someone farewell. It is this property of black roses that make it useful in such a scenario. There is also no natural black roses, and most of them are tinted to achieve this hue.

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