The Most Popular Flowers for Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, flowers always dominate as one of the top gifts for Mom. Deciding to get mom flowers is simple, however, deciding which ones will make her smile the most is more challenging. Read on to discover the most popular flowers that won’t disappoint your mom this season.

There is no doubt that one of the most popular flowers for any occasion are roses. They are elegant and smell like heaven. But, did you know that the color of a rose has a much deeper meaning?
Pick the right color to make your gift personal with an accompanying poem that will melt your mother’s heart.

red carnation and roses bouquet popular flowers
Express your sincere gratitude with this sweet gathering of pink roses and carnations flower bouquet

Roses might be the go-to mother’s day flowers but carnations were the first to grace the holiday. It was the favorite flower of the Anna Javis’ (the founder) mother. She wore it to the first church gathering to celebrate the day in 1908 then handed out 500 carnations for others to honor their mothers. Here’s the carnation’s range available on this Mother’s Day.

Literally symbolizing motherhood, the Lily is fully customizable for all personality types. Its unique shape comes in endless color options, from a beautiful white lily for those moms who love dignified simplicity to a vibrant tiger lily for eccentric mothers.
Pair your gift of Lilies with bird’s nest or soothing teas to complement their bold appearance.

lily flower bouquet for mom. another popular flowers
hen commitments or stay home measures get in the way and you can’t be physically there to celebrate this day with Mum, send her the next best thing, a bouquet of lovely blooms just like this one!

Look for these innocent favorites in a flower delivery near me to show your mother you care. They can be mixed and matched with various colors to invoke a playful tone during an afternoon of mother-daughter bonding.
Daises make the perfect flower for children to give to their moms since they will love their bright yellow pollen center and pickable petals as much as an adult.

Growing irises in your garden is simple and gorgeous if you have the time. They produce an array of blues, violets, and even yellows with a signature 3-petal tie die design.
The delicate petal mixed with their ability to grow strong makes them symbolic of wisdom and hope. Make your mother feel strong with a bouquet of blissful irises.

Some orchids are so rare that they are hunted just to get a glimpse of their charm. Giving one to your mom shows that they are as unique as the flower itself.
Surprise her with a mother’s day flower delivery that will bloom longer for a continuous celebration of your love.

Phalaenopsis Orchids table arrangement
Phalaenopsis Orchids are instantly recognizable with their larger than life flowering heads that can last up to a couple of months at a time, regardless if they are kept indoors or outdoors.

Finding the Most Popular Flowers
If you wait until the last minute to buy your mom these popular flowers you might miss out. Ordering your flowers early can help you find the perfect bouquet for your loved one.
Visit online our flower shop to browse our stock of Mother’s Day gifts that can be sent within Singapore in time for the special day. Don’t forget about your mother-in-law, wife, grandma or any motherly figure in your life! You can enjoy an extra 15% savings on top of prices when you purchase 2 or more items.

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