3 Ways To Tidy Up Your Workspace For Little To Nothing!

Time to get that “new year, new you” vibes translated to the one space that most of us spend our weekdays at, the workspace! Sprucing up your workspace is more than just for the sake of aesthetics, but keeping it clean, neat and organized will help you make it a conducive work environment for creative energies to flow.

Without further ado, here’s 3 simple and affordable DIY ways to tidy up your workspace!


A Place For Your Thoughts

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Credit: DIY & Crafts and View From The Fridge

Kill two birds with one stone by repurposing random pots that are laying around while saving Mother Earth! Gather any cylindrical containers, cans, plastic cups or water bottles laying around, give them a facelift with spray paint, secure them neatly on a plank of wood and you’d have yourself a beautiful table organizer for pens, paper clips, erasers or even to hide a stash of candy.

Materials Needed: A block of wood, spray paint of your choice and a glue gun.

Cost: Under $15


Accessory Pedestal

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Champagne Dreaming

What does one do with a fancy vase or container of sorts? Turn it into a fashion accessory pedestal of course! Give it a face lift with some spray paint, or if you want a little something extra, attach a “hanging branch” to hang watches, bracelets or even to attach your earrings.

Materials Needed: Spray paint and perhaps a glue gun

Cost: Under $10


Keep Your Cables In Check

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Credit: Society 19

Hate having cables tangled on your work desk? Tap on those Binder clips to organize your charging cables. Simply clip them to the side of your desk and viola! They have become instant cable holders. And for the music-lovers who are using wired ear pieces, you could also use the same clips as a cable organizer by wrapping your ear piece around the silver portion and securing it in the middle.

Materials Needed: Binder clips

Cost: Almost Nothing (If your office provides stationery, else, less than $2!)


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