Chinese New Year Gift Giving Etiquette: The Best Hamper Ideas

The Chinese New Year has been celebrated for 3,500 years and it has become one of the most important celebrations in Singapore.

There are many traditions associated with this holiday and a popular one is to offer beautiful hampers to family members, friends, and even business partners. One of the most common things to offer is a basket of mandarin oranges, as they are a symbol of good fortune, but there are many other different options you can choose from.

Keep reading to learn five Chinese new year hamper ideas!

Mandarin oranges with flowers for Chinese New Year.
Mandarin oranges with flowers in a golden basket for Chinese New Year. Symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

How to Pick a Chinese New Year Hamper

There is a certain etiquette to follow when purchasing your hampers and it’s important that you follow it if you want to impress all your loved ones, as well as business partners. Some of the most important rules are:

  • Don’t forget to remove the price tags.
  • Always choose high-quality brands.
  • Think about the presentation of the basket and not just its contents.
  • Avoid black and white-colored gifts, as these are colors associated with funerals.
  • Avoid odd numbers – the Chinese believe good things come in pairs.
  • Consider how close you are with each person when you choose their hamper.

Here are some ideas for five groups of people you might have to consider:

1. For Seniors and Business Associates: A Vessel Hamper

vessel hamper with the Chinese zodiac symbol intricately embroidered on it is the perfect gift for your elderly loved ones and business associates.

Not only is it a great way of wishing them good fortune in a very traditional manner, but combined with goods like some chocolates, cakes, and nuts, it makes for a delicious set of snacks. Just take a look at this “Luxurious Signature Vessel” hamper. Who wouldn’t like to receive it?

The embroidered sail reads “金鼠兆丰年,财茂运亨通” (jin shu zhao feng nian, cai mao yun heng tong), blessing your recipient with a prosperous and smooth sailing year.

2. For Your Loved Ones: Flowers and Body Care Products

Your loved ones are someone you know inside out, so choosing the perfect new year gift for them will greatly depend on their interests or even their zodiac. However, nothing says I care for you and I can’t wait for another year by your side like a beautiful basket of flowers and body care products.

This Rejuvenation Kit, for example, includes four essential oils, tulips and wax flowers. Your loved ones will be as relaxed as ever!

3. For Friends: Wine and Liquors Hampers

There are so many different types of wines and liquors to choose from that you’ll find the perfect one for pretty much anyone. So, for friends or extended family, choose beverages you think they’d love. Perhaps a Merlot or a Chardonnay!

For your closest friends, you can even get the hamper customized so that it is as personal as possible.

4. For Kids: Red Envelopes and Candy

Red envelopes are one of the most common gifts for kids during the Chinese new year and they usually have S$5 to S$100 inside (depending on how close you are to the kid).

And of course, when it comes to the little ones, you can never go wrong with some delicious chocolate.

5. For Hosts: Abalone and Bird’s Nest

Finally, abalone and bird’s nest are the perfect choice for the host at parties, as it not too personal, but still very high quality. The finest delicacies from land and sea gathered in one luxurious hamper, and they will sure love it.

Huat Ah!

Taking the time to pick the right Chinese new year hamper for all the close people in your life will show that you want nothing but good fortune and prosperity for them, and that’s what this celebration is all about.

For even more ideas, make sure to check our full list of Chinese new year hampers and flowers. We have something for everyone!

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