Valentine’s Day Flowers for Every Relationship Stage

When it comes to Valentine’s day, Asians have been spending way more in recent years than ever before. In fact, Valentine’s day spending has increased among this group by 33% over the past 3 years!

While love can’t be bought, gifts are a great way to show your special someone how much you care. One of the best gifts for doing this is flowers. Full of life and beauty, entrancing and unique blooms can be selected for your partner no matter how long you’ve been together. Read on to learn what flower is the perfect Valentine’s day flowers for your partner based on the stage your relationship is in!

New Couples: Fondness
There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you first start dating someone. Your heart beats fast whenever you see them, your head whirls when they smile, and your hands clam up when theirs reach out to meet them. You love them… but you can’t tell them yet. Fondness is the perfect bouquet for this stage in your relationship. You’re telling them you like them, but without using those three intimidating words. When you buy this lively pink bouquet for that special someone, they’re bound to hear their heart thud when they see you, too.

Dating Couples: My Muse
After you’ve been dating someone for a while, they become your muse. The My Muse bouquet pays homage to that fact with its classically romantic style. Filled with fresh-cut red roses and green foliage, this bouquet is sure to make your loved one feel appreciated and valued. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in red with a little bow, so everything is neatly together.

Engaged Couples: Passionate Love
When you’re saving for a wedding, spending money to send flowers for Valentine’s day can be… difficult. But don’t worry! Flowers are a fairly inexpensive way to express your love for your partner. Not only that, but the Passionate Love bouquet makes a great bouquet to carry down the aisle during a post-Valentine’s spring wedding. Made up of red and white floral buds, this flower is the perfect symbol of the budding marriage that’s to come.

Newlywed Couples: Two Become One
When you’re just married, the idea of becoming one is really exciting. If this is your first Valentine’s day as a married couple, the Two Become One box of preserved flowers neatly captures that excitement and the sentiment of joining together. Not only does this heart-shaped box come with six classic roses with preserved baby’s breath, but these roses rest on top of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Married Couples: Only You
No matter how long you’ve been married, you know that you could never imagine yourself without your beloved spouse. For this reason, the Only You bouquet is the perfect gift for people who’ve been married 10, 20, or 50 years. This is one of our most beautiful bouquets and it consists of a dozen gorgeous roses with hypericum and leucadendron safari sunset.

Get Valentine’s Day Flowers
Valentine’s day is a magical day when you’re part of a couple, so get excited. You’re sure to have a wonderfully romantic time, especially with the perfect flower bouquet.

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