Flower Focus: Anthurium

Sometimes potted, but most of the time at FarEastFlora.com, they come in beautifully arranged hand bouquets and table flowers. Yes, we are talking about the gorgeous and elegant Anthurium flower!

Anthurium 2
Lovely Pink Anthuriums

In Greek, Anthurium means “Tail Flower” and was given this name because of its unique shape. The Anthurium also goes by many other names like Flamingo Flower, Painted Tongue and perhaps most famously as Painter’s Palette. Native to Central and South American tropical rainforests, Anthuriums are part of the Arum Family which boasts over 800 species.

While many think that the single large and brightly colored waxy portion is the Anthurium’s flower, it is not. In fact, that is known as the spathe and it helps protect the spadix (long and bumpy spike). And if you go a little closer to the spadix, you will notice that the bumps that line it are actually the Anthurium’s tiny blooms!

Anthurium 1

A perennial bloom, Anthuriums are available throughout the year, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. As their shape resembles an open heart, they have come to be a symbol for hospitality, joy and abundance – which is why they are often used in table arrangements especially for hotels and functions. However, their specific meanings depend heavily on the color of their spathe.

Color of Anthurium

Specific Meaning


Compassion, femininity and motherly love


Love and passion


Innocence and purity


Hope, power and growth

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