Why Do We Celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Molders of Singapore’s future generation, Teachers not only give care and educate the little ones, but also impart good values and ethics. Just think about it, what was your fondest memory of school? We’re pretty sure it had something to do with a Teacher or two – tricking Mr Chan in order not to get homework or being the apple of Miss Lee’s eye!

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To celebrate their contribution to society, we celebrate Teachers’ Day with small trinkets or gifts presented to Teachers. But here is where it might get a little confusing for some. While World or International Teachers’ Day falls annually on 5 October, in Singapore, Teachers’s Day is celebrated on the last day of the 3rd school term. This means that Teachers’ Day 2019, will fall on 6 September in Singapore.

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Regardless if it is 5 October or on the last day of the 3rd school term, this day holds great significance because it commemorates the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. Simply put, this is a benchmark accepted and followed by over 100 countries that protects the rights and responsibilities of teachers around the world. This includes preparing the teachers, providing training, opportunities for further education and safe teaching conditions.

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