Flower Focus: Eustoma

From Roses to Hydrangeas to Lilies, flowers come in all shapes, sizes, varieties and colors. But how much do you really know about flowers and the meanings they carry? In our monthly Flower Focus article, we will be introducing flowers, the meaning they carry and the seasons when they are available. This month, we shine our spotlight on the beautiful and humble Eustoma.

Also known as Lisianthus, you will commonly find them accompanying most of our flower hand bouquets and table arrangements. Because of their puffy and soft petals, they can be quickly mistaken for the common Rose or Ranunculus at first glance. Eustomas have a noticeable yellowish-green center and has slightly crinkle-tipped petals which tend to curl slightly outward, as compared to a rose or ranunculus.

These long-lasting beauties are available all year round and come in many different colors that include, pink, purple, yellow, green and white. Eustomas generally carry the meaning of appreciation, peace, joy and happiness, but like all the other flowers the specific meanings they carry are also highly dependent on their color.

Color of Eustoma

Specific Meaning


Love and romance


Royalty and beauty

Joy and happiness


Money and prosperity


Friendship and innocence

Eustoma 2.jpg
Can you tell which ones are Eustomas in this table arrangement? Answer here.

So if you are looking for a hand bouquet or table arrangement to celebrate occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, Eustomas are a great pick!

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