Flower Focus: Hydrangea

Insanely lush and plush, its almost impossible not to notice the lovely Hydrangea. Believed to have originated from Japan, it has since bloomed its way into the hearts of many all over the world. The name Hydrangea comes from the Greek words “Hydor” and “Angos”. When loosely translated, it means “water barrel” or “water vessel”, and this is due to their water-loving nature. Instantly recognizable, they can be spotted with small and dainty flowers that make up its signature spherical flower head.


When in season (and with some luck), you can find unique looking Hydrangeas! Some come with frilly edges, bigger or small spherical flower heads, double petals and even dual-toned ones. On regular days, you will find them in red, pink, purple, blue, green, white and more recently, rainbow colored hydrangeas have also made an appearance. While Hydrangeas generally symbolize heartfelt emotions, gratitude and apology, its specific meanings are linked to their color.

Color of Hydrangea

Specific Meaning


Heartfelt emotion and love


Desire to deeply understand someone and abundance


Frigidity and apology


Purity and grace

Did you know? To revive a dull-looking hydrangea or one that has not been fed enough water, you actually submerge the entire flower head into water for about 15 to 20 minutes – that’s how much they love water. Pretty neat huh? Read more on flowers here, but if you are wondering how hydrangeas are arranged into beautiful hand bouquets or table arrangements, head on over here!

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