Flower Focus: Lily

Trumpet-like flowering heads that bring with them an alluring sweet scent, lilies bring with them an air of elegance regardless of what the occasion may be. It is easy to recognize a lily, because regardless of their variety they have a distinct tubular shaped bud, and long slender petals that bloom outward. Just a word of caution if you are bringing some home, when a lily bud blooms, its pollen can stain light-colored clothes and latch itself on to almost everything. To prevent this, use a piece of tissue to remove them as soon as they have bloomed.


Due to popular demand and extensive breeding, lilies are available all year round and in many different colors which include white, red, yellow and even two-toned ones. Lilies generally symbolize virtue and purity, but the specific meanings they carry are dependent on their color.

Color of Lily

Specific Meaning


Humility and purity


Wealth and prosperity




Confidence and wealth


Thankfulness and gratitude

As beautiful as they are, lilies are poisonous to your favorite furry feline! So if you have a cat, perhaps another fresh cut flower like the hydrangea or eustoma might be better suited for the home. And apart from just looking pretty, Asian lily bulbs are also used in many Asian-inspired dishes in place of potatoes or chestnuts – bet you did not know that!


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