Flower Focus: Chrysanthemum

Frilly, sometimes lush, but always with full flowerheads, Chrysanthemums are a varied lot that come in all shapes, sizes and colors! The first Chrysanthemums are believed to have originated in China, somewhere around 15th century B.C and have since then been a prominent part of the Chinese and Japanese culture. You can find them in ancient paintings, spoken about in old books and intricately carved into jewelry boxes. In Japan, the fascination with these beauties go beyond just literature and art. Chrysanthemums are the official seal of the emperor, and there is an annual celebration honoring Chrysanthemums called “Festival of Happiness”.

Chrysanthemum 2

Apart from just looking gorgeous in hand bouquets and table arrangements, Chrysanthemums are believed to provide relief to common ailments. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, its roots or flowers are boiled in water over a period of time to make Chrysanthemum tea. This Chrysanthemum tea is believed to help cure headaches and rid the body of “heatiness”.

Although in Singapore they are most often seen in grand opening or condolence stands, Chrysanthemums actually carry beautiful meanings and are exceptionally easy to work with; regardless of the occasion.

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Due to their demand, you can find Chrysanthemums easily throughout the year. However, its best blooms can be found during Fall, right before Winter hits. Chrysanthemums generally represent longevity, fidelity and joy, but like most flowers, the specific meanings they carry depends on their color and culture.

Color of Chrysanthemum Specific Meaning
Red Love and passion
Yellow Sorrow
White Loyalty and honesty
Purple Well wishes, “please get well soon”
Green Liveliness

Oh, and did we mention? Chrysanthemums are the official birth flower for those born in the month of November! So if you are looking for interesting Chrysanthemum floral arrangements as a birthday gift, head on over here to browse our extensive Chrysanthemum range. But if you are looking and hungry for more flower facts, click here!

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