Flower Focus: Peony

Native to China and frequently seen in many traditional Chinese and Japanese art, Peonies are often referred to as “The King of Flowers” and it is not difficult to see why. When you get them, they are usually still in bulb form and resembles something like a golf ball attached to a stick. Give it some tender loving care and within a few days the peony’s soft, almost translucent petals will slowly unfurl gracefully to form a spherical plush flower head. But just like everything else that is beautiful, its blooms only last a couple of days before withering.

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Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, they are also pretty difficult to get a hold of. Unlike perennial flowers like Roses, Lilies and Sunflowers, Peonies are highly seasonal flowers. They are mostly only available from April to June after which they go into hiding, but sometimes if you are lucky, you might find some being imported from New Zealand in October or November.

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Being such opulent and lush blooms, Peonies symbolize good fortune, happy marriage, wealth and riches. However, the specific meanings they carry are however dependent on their color.

Color of Peony

Specific Meaning


Positivity, Freedom and Peace


Honor, Beauty and Courage


Romance and Femininity

Purple or Maroon

Charm and Positive Energy

Apart from being a versatile flower to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays and parties with, Peonies are also the flower to present your loved one if you are celebrating your 12th Wedding Anniversary! Betcha didn’t know that!

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