Flower Focus: Sunflower

How can one ever say no to vibrant Sunflowers? Bursting with cheerful vibes and the unofficial flower of Summer, it is easy to see why Sunflowers are the bloom of choice for many, regardless of the occasion. Unknown to many, this North American native is not only available in golden yellow, in fact they come in a variety of colors and sizes. In fact, their colors range from golden yellow (the most common variety) to orange, red, pink and even white!

Sunflowers also go by the name Helianthus, which literally means Sun and Flower in Greek. Not just in beautiful hand bouquet or table arrangements, these sunny flowers can also be found as potted plants!

Sunflower 2
Sunnier Days Ahead

Love it or hate the heat, Sunflowers thrive relatively easy in Singapore thanks to our climate. Just remember to practice a process called deep watering, essentially it is a process where the bottom of the pot is always kept moist while the top soil is kept dry. This encourages roots to grow downwards, which is essential to keep your Sunflower from toppling over due to its heavy flower head.

Unlike other flowers carry different meanings depending on their color, Sunflowers represent friendship, loyalty and admiration regardless of their color or size. That being said, you ever find yourself a flower-fix, always go with a Sunflower themed arrangement. We guarantee that they will not only be fitting for the occasion, but also evoke smiles and brighten your recipient’s day.

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