Valentine’s Day 101

If you haven’t already noticed, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – just a month to go, no stress boys and girls – and we thought, “let’s get started on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon” with some interesting facts surrounding this special day. After scouring the web and consulting the oracles, here are 5 interesting Valentine’s Day facts to impress your date, outsmart friends and intrigue a potential “boo” during parties!


#1 Valentine’s Day Started Out As …

Simply put, it is complicated. There are quite a few different stories on how Valentine’s Day originated. However, the most popular story would be the one involving Emperor Claudius II and Saint Valentine.

Emperor Claudius II ruled Rome from the year 268 to 270, and he imposed a law which banned young men to marry. He believed that single men make better soldiers as they would be more willing to sacrifice themselves at war, as compared to those with family or a partner. Saint Valentine on the other hand, believed in love and went against the ban, officiating secret marriages. He was eventually found out, and for defying the emperor, he was executed on 14 February. Hence, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples on 14 February to commemorate his death and to celebrate love.


#2 More Than 140 Million Greeting Cards Are Exchanged On Valentine’s Day

This makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending occasion, with the first being Christmas. So yes, writing a Valentine’s card to express one’s love and appreciation to the one that matters most is definitely still a “thing”!

VDAY 101 - 2

#3 Roses  

More than just a commonly gifted flower, roses have long been the flower of choice during Valentine’s Day because of its close relations to Venus, Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. Love, beauty, Valentine’s Day, you get the drift.


#4 Cupid

Speaking of Venus, you might know of her son better, the God of Love, Cupid. The bow and arrow that he is often depicted holding, is for more than to accessorize his outfit – or lack thereof. Cupid’s sacred power or role as the God of Love is to cast spells of love by shooting love arrows at unsuspecting individuals. Thus, causing them to fall in love.


#5 Not Everyone Celebrates Love On 14 February

In China, couples and friends celebrate love on Double Seventh Festival (七夕节), this falls on the 7th Day of the 7th lunar month.

In Japan, love is celebrated on two days, once on 14 February and another on 14 March, known as White Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, women present men gifts as a gesture of their romantic or platonic love. On White Valentine’s Day, roles are reversed. Men become the gifters and would present the women who have previously gifted them with white colored gifts (in keeping with White Day), that range from chocolates to flowers and jewellery.


Interesting huh?

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