5 Heat-Loving Flowers To Love

Love having fresh flowers in the home or office, but they do not seem to last (survive) longer than 5 days due to the heat of Singapore? Well, here’s 5 heat-loving flowers that are not only gorgeous, but also adapt quite well to the heat in Singapore!




A flower that needs no introduction! Sunflowers are also known by many in the floral industry as Helianthus, which in Greek means Sun (heli) and Flower (anthus). The unofficial flower of Summer, Sunflowers love the heat and humidity that Summer brings – perfect for Singapore’s weather. Available in golden yellow, these North American natives come in a variety of colors and sizes. In fact, their colors range from golden yellow (the most common variety) to orange, red, pink and even white!




Also known as Sugarbush, the Protea is perhaps one of the most unique flowers on this list. Instantly recognizable, you can tell them apart from other flowers thanks to their signature waxy smooth outer petals and furry insides. A South African native, there are over 1,000 different types of Proteas that come in all shapes, sizes and colors that include pink, red, white, yellow and orange. As these flowers have long-lasting blooms that love the heat and sunshine in Singapore, they make a great choice when picking out fresh flowers to adorn the home or office.


Pincushion Protea


Aren’t they almost alien-like?! These hardy flowers have been given the name Pincushion Proteas not only because they are a type of Protea, but also, they resemble the cushion that holds a tailor’s pins – but we say, rambutan. Also native to South Africa, these heat-loving flowers have large, long-lasting flowering heads that can measure up to 12cm across when fully bloomed.




Also known as Huntermix or Cape Mix, these South African natives are quite literally a kaleidoscope of colors! Available throughout the year, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, length and colors (red, pink, green, blue, brown, white, etc.), these flowers are often used as fillers in many of our flower arrangements. And unlike many flowers which dull or brown once dried, Summermorns retain their bright and vibrant colors! Pretty neat huh?




Large, trumpet-like and fragrant, it has got to be the elegant Lily! As most Lilies are sold and delivered in bud-form, the heat in Singapore will encourage them to bloom faster. However, this does not mean putting them next to the stove, like any other fresh flower, placing your Lilies near any direct-heat sources will cause them to wilt faster.


Looking for some Summer blooms to adorn your home or as a surprise gift? Head on over here for some great ideas! But if these flowers aren’t quite your jam, expand your flower and plant knowledge by heading over here to browse our entire library of flower and plant related articles.

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